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Knoxfield Tennis Club is committed to offering social, coaching and competitive tennis to the surrounding community in a facility run by volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring that each experience is a positive one and promises our members the best possible experience.

Knoxfield Tennis Club prides it’s self on being a safe, friendly and family orientated club. 

We strive to exceed the expectations of our members, believing that quality is found in the “little things” and results from continuous improvements and reviews.

Club Values:

Knoxfield Tennis Club strives to exceed our members’ expectations by providing exemplarily member service and creating an atmosphere of friendliness, helpfulness and cleanliness.

Club Philosophy

The club's philosophy has always been to grow the game of tennis by giving everyone the opportunity to play.

Also to provide high quality service and endeavour to encourage members in their effort to achieve and maintain which ever level of tennis playing they choose

To create a happy, safe homelike environment where the members are treated as a valued individual.

Club Goals

The goal is to provide a club for members to learn and improve their game of tennis.  Safety and facility cleanliness is always a priority.  We expect an atmosphere of friendliness and open communication

The Goals of Knoxfield Tennis Club are:

  • To promote the sport of tennis to everyone, without discrimination.
  • To teach tennis to people of all ages
  • To promote healthy competition and competitive training toward representing Knoxfield Tennis Club in tournaments.
  • To encourage and promote tennis as a way to keep healthy and fit for a long and active life.


We invite you to find out more about our club.

It is a great way to meet new players and enjoy the game!